Monday, August 5, 2019

Muskoka Waterfalls tour for Future Inspiration

I have returned from a week of discovering 'new' waterfalls in the Muskokas area, here in Ontario. I look forward to putting down paint on a blank canvas!
Enjoy the video: Muskokas Waterfalls

Bev and James Morgan at High Falls, near Bracebridge, Ontario

Thursday, May 30, 2019

How fast 6 months fly!

These past 6 months has flown by, but so releived that spring is finally here!
I always look forward to seeing my 50 year old Magnolia tree in full bloom.

Winter Thaw

This year my goal is to create a 'new' series of paintings of Ontario Waterfalls!
Here are a few of them and will be shown for the first time at Southampton Art Center very soon!

Twilight Waterfalls

Finding the Right Spot

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2018 Accomplishments ~ Reflection

Thank you for visiting my blog which is documentary of my Art Life Adventures!

 Reflecting my accomplishments for 2018, my vision of introducing watercolours to those who had never picked up a brush, puts a wide smile on my face!
Funny, how life reminds me of a book which holds chapters (years) and each page is one day of my life.
So blessed in so many ways: my health, family, and friends!
  So much to tell on this blog... maybe I should start writing my own novel. Because I was inspired by my students that I met during my cruises I began teaching watercolour workshops on-line through Udemy. I cannot believe that as of January 15th, 2019, I have students from 95 countries.
Here is the Udemy Link

Here is a few snapshots of the past year....

May 2018: Owen Sound Banner Project
My banner "African Drummer" was accepted to be hung for a year around the Owen Sound Harbour. My model and inspiration came from my Grand-daughter Mackenzie for the Painting (in picture with me)

May 2018: Taught 5 watercolour classes                    Round trip to Bermuda from New Jersey

Good Friend ~Elaine Gould , our hostess
in New Jersey

King's Wharf,

Celebrity Summit
Amy & Paul Burk from Los Angelus, US
Good friends who came on cruise to visit with us!

  September 2018: 
Autumn Leaves Studio tour in my Hanover Art Studio  Guest Artists: 

Allan Simpson, Leona Kennedy, Wayne Broderick, Leslie Manning
November & December 2018:           
Saugeen Artists Guild Christmas Store

 So proud to be a member of this local Artists Group and to call each one a dear friend!

Every year, a pop-up store appears on main street of Hanover. Here are a few paintings from my  "Music Series"

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

2018 Music Series Watercolour Paintings

I am excited to show you my short video of my paintings
this year * Music Series * in watercolour!

If you wish to order my images on my website,
 here is the link:

Friday, October 19, 2018

Enjoy a weekend in Port Elgin....

I am excited to teach two workshops during this "PIN IT CHRISTMAS" in Port Elgin.
It will be a fantastic weekend because I taught with Coast to Coast Events once in Mississauga and another time in London. Plus lots of vendors too!
If interested, click on my workshop tab and print off the workshop application!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Introducing 2018 "Music Series" paintings

Every year I challenge myself as an artist with a 'new' theme. "MUSIC"

Because I have started to learn how to play the piano, I decided to be inspired by musical instruments, especially musicians 'hands'!

Visit my new series in my Gallery

2019 Desk Calendar with these paintings are now available for purchase

Sunday, April 1, 2018

New On-line Watercolour Course "Southampton Sailing"

I am very excited to announce my ninth watercolour course on

Bev will provide 'step by step' instructions to create your own masterpiece of 'Southampton Sailing'!
Create your own vibrant sky and moving water with a sailing boat leaving Southampton Harbour.
When there is no promotion provided by Udemy, email Bev and she will send you a discount code for half price!

Friday, February 9, 2018

My Creative Journey
I started my blog "Bev Morgan Art Adventures", in 2011 and when I reflect back 7 years, I can honestly say that my art has taken me to places never imagined and met new friends along the way.
When starting an art career, I would recommend connecting with established artists. Back in November 2006, I stepped out my comfort zone and joined a group of 6 artists creating a local artist group "Saugeen Artists". We exhibited and sold our art together as a group. This provided me with a support network and resources available in a new community.
I have travelled with other artists to learn and grow as a plein-air painter to Italy, France and Portugal.
Initially, I taught watercolours to friends, and as the years past, the classes from my Hanover studio expanded to art conventions, Southampton Art School, campgrounds, and cruise ships. My cruise ships adventures have led me to travels to England, Germany, USA, Costa Rica, Eastern Caribbean and Columbia. Eight of my workshops are now on-line and currently have students from 17 countries enrolled. CLICK HERE TO VISIT COURSES ON-LINE
I have tried a variety of art mediums, through the years, but my art journey always returned back to watercolours and hopes that anyone who views my paintings can experience the excitement and vision that I had creating them. As an artist, teacher and mentor, I will continue to grow, explore, experiment and learn through my own experiences and from my students. When I started this journey, I would not have fathom the direction that my life has taken, just through my ART!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Queen Mary 2 Watercolour Workshops a Success!

So happy to return from my second excursion teaching watercolours to passengers on the Queen Mary 2! The cruise ship left the Brooklyn Cruise terminal November 26th for an Eastern Caribbean voyage and returned December 8th.
The watercolour classes began with colour theory and  information about paints, paper and brushes. Many techniques were introduced each day and the passengers finished some wonderful bookmarks, poppies, negative painting, pelican and northern lights.

The highlight of this cruise was an Art Exhibition of all the great watercolours at the end of the cruise. For beginner artists, I was so pleased with everyone's art work!
Here are some pictures of our Art Exhibition on the Queen Mary 2: