Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Holidays
your family from ours!
Happy Painting in 2014!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Saugeen Artists' Store opens with great gifts for everyone at all price ranges.  

Saugeen Artists' Store
Grand Opening November 9

Art • Gifts • Ideas

Store Hours

November 6-30th - Wednesday to Saturday 10-6pm
December 1-21 - Tuesday to Saturday 10-6pm
December 23 - 10-6 pm
December 24 - 10-6 pm

Address 286 - 10th Street Hanover Ontario
Follow us on facebook for more information about the store
Artist Demos on Saturdays.
Find the perfect handmade gift for your loved ones.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Journey to France October 2013

Arrived in France October 5,13 and welcomed by our Hosts: Rob and Anna Beenham
at their home in Hambye. Visit the chateau with the link below....
Chateau d'Hambye, France
Lin Souliere watercolour workshop begins...... (You can see more pictures in the Artist Excursion folder above)

Lin Souliere finishing demonstration painting
Oct 6th: First workshop at the grounds of Chateau Hambye. The gardens within the grounds offer open spaces as well as a private enclosed walled garden.
Front view painting ~ Bev Morgan
Side view painting ~Bev Morgan

Oct 7th: Our group journeys to the north coast of France. We spent several hours painting in the historical village of  Mont-Saint Michael.
Leaving Mont St Michael
Sketch & Painting at Mont St Michael
Reference of typical window boxes

Oct 8th: Our group spent the day painting within the grounds of the chateau.
Oct 9th: We travelled to Dinan, a village of cobbled streets and half -timbered buildings, typical of the French Northwest.
Two small paintings at Dinan by Bev Morgan

Because of rain, we sat under the protection of an outdoor café

Oct 10th: Our group stayed the day again at the Chateau painting and catching up with our individual laundry. ( So good to have laundry facilities at our chateau).
Oct 11th: Not far from the chateau is a small town of Constance. Because of the cooler temperature and rain, we spent a few hours inside the "Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Coutances"
Alter of Cathedrale Notre Dame de Coutances
Oct 12th to Oct 13th: Time to say Good-bye to our wonderful hosts Anna and Rob Beenham at the Chateau d'Hambye and we travelled to Honfleur, France. Honfleur was one of the favourite locations for the French artists to paint. The old streets and half-timbered houses appear in many of the Impressionists' work including Monet, Sisley, Boudin and Dufy. Artists were drawn to Honfleur by the special quality of light in the Seine estuary, the unspoiled medieval town and beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Oct 14th: After breakfast, we left Honfleur for Giverny for an afternoon visit to Monet's Garden, home and studio. Our tour guide gave us an interesting stroll throughout the gardens and gave us Monet's life story. Lin challenged us to do a quick sketch with a small block of watercolours to focus our attention. I chose to paint Monet's stairs to his studio. As I sketched, I reflected how he would go up and down with his art supplies to paint in his garden.

Oct 15th: Tuesday, after breakfast, our bus left Giverny and arrived in Paris for 3 days of discovery. Be sure to visit my file on my home page ARTIST EXCURSIONS for more photos!

Follow my Art Journey to France. If able, I will be posting images to this blog while

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Introducing a NEW WEBSITE

I would like to announce that my original paintings and scratch art are now available to purchase on-line through Fine Art America. Prints can be ordered on canvas, framed, metal and greeting cards. I am also able to post upcoming workshops through the Events tab.
My next step in my art career is taking a leap of faith!

Click here to visit Bev Morgan's Website-purchases through this site!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

THE ART MAP Open Art Studio Tour ~ Memories

Arend Nieuwland
 One of the purposes of this blog, is to record my Art Adventure throughout my years. I value the friendships and support of other artists that come into my life. I feel strongly that these friendships out-weigh the amount of paintings that I sell.
This past weekend during the ART MAP Open Studio tour was great because I was able to connect with these great artists!
I downloaded a few pictures of my guest artists work.
Janet Liesemer

Jose Holman
Nancy MacNabb
Greg Schnurr
Jose Holman

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The ART MAP August 9, 10, 11, 2013

Love to invite everyone to Visit all the Art Studios on the ART MAP
Your year-round creative route to Art Galleries, Art studios and Events
For more information please click on the link below:

Bev Morgan's Art Studio will be hosting 5 Guest Artists

Bruce Peninsula Art Show

First time that I  participated at the 46th Bruce Peninsula Art Show, in Lion's Head Bruce, August 2, 3, 4, 5th. Sixty eight local artist exhibited and sold their art work. I have to return next year!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kaleidoscope Art Show July and August 2013

Stop by and Visit the Grey County Artists ART!


My four flowers are all using Watercolours, Batik, Pen on Rice Paper and all mounted between 2 panes of glass & black frames 26" x 20"

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Tangled Roots"
Scratch Art by Bev Morgan
upcoming Art Workshops for August and September.
  • Watercolour and Batik “Summer Stairway” workshop again because of the request of 4 students so there are 4 spaces remaining.
  • Scratch Art evening courses were offered in June and students found it a very easy and an addictive medium. We will be scratching “Southampton Lighthouse” in August & September.
  • The one-day workshop “Cone Flowers” will be introducing watercolours to match the colour on the photograph in the center of the mat board. A black frame will be a gift to the students from me.

I will be taking July off for teaching and concentrating on some courses, art shows and pleine air painting.

I will be participating in these ART shows:

  1. Kaleidoscope Art Show at the Collingwood Library July & August (I will be one of thirty talented artists presenting over 100 pieces of original art.
  2. Saugeen Artists at the Garden Tour at Ground Effects July 6 and 7th.
  3. Saugeen Artists Art Show, Sights and Sounds at the IWA Hall July 26 to 28th.
  4. Owen Sound Art Banner Exhibit on the Harbour May to October 2013
  5. Art Show Featuring Artists from Grey & Bruce at the Bruce Peninsula District School, Lion’s Head August 3 & 4th
  6. The Art Map OPEN Studio Tour at my Art Studio, 260 4th Ave, Hanover on August 9, 10, 11th. I am excited to share my studio with Aren Niewland (Sculptor), Nancy MacNabb (Photographer), Jose Holman (Painter & Fine Jewelry), Greg Schnurr (Painter), Janet Liesemer (Painter). Stop by and say hello....
  7. Member of the Southampton Art Gallery and exhibiting my art year round

Wow! I’ll be busy. Till you write it all down and makes me realize that I will not be bored in JULY!
Hope that I will have familiar faces visiting me at the about events!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Art Banner Exhibit
on the Owen Sound Harbour
May to October 2013
I am excited to have my watercolour image chosen for the 2013 banner Exhibit.
The Owen Sound Art Banner Project is an outdoor exhibition designed to celebrate artists in Grey and Bruce counties and beautify the City's public spaces.  A jury selected more than 50 works of art for this year's exhibit.  The banners are funded entirely by patrons, who receive them once the display period is over. The Art Banner Project is run by a group of volunteers and receives support from the City of Owen Sound and the Tom Thomson Art Gallery.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Featured Artist

Saugeen Room at the Cava Coffee Café

McNab Street, Walkerton

Watercolours, Batik on Rice Paper Paintings
Stop by for a great cup of coffee and visit
 my exhibition and sale of my
 " Lighthouse Series Near and Far"
Watercolours, and Batik on Rice Paper

Monday, April 29, 2013

Owen Sound Banner Project 2013 image

I am happy to hear that my "Saugeen Visitors" painting image has been accepted at the
Owen Sound Banner Project this year.
Great exposure and an honour to be accepted for
the 2013 banners!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"The Art of Marbling"

I would love to share with you my new series of art using the Marbling technique of ancient times.
I hope that you enjoy my recent art images:

  A Bit of Marbling History

The art of marbling was started in the 1100's, either in Turkey or Persia, though the earliest marbled papers still in existence are Turkish ones from the 1400's. They were used for decorative purposes, and also as a background for official documents and signatures, to prevent erasure and forgery. The art was taken to Western Europe by the crusaders, and by the 1600's, France and the Netherlands had become well known for the quality of their papers As populations grew and became more educated, books were printed in ever larger mass quantities and also became cheaper, which inevitably meant fine bindings and marbled endpapers would soon become a thing of the past. By the 1890's, the art was considered quaint and old-fashioned, and was actually on the verge of death. At last a few of the remaining marblers started publishing their precious centuries-old family marbling methods and formulas, lest they be lost for all time. And now, suddenly, 100 years later, there are more practitioners of this beautiful art than ever before in history, though there are still very few who make a full-time living at it; most people do it at home as a hobby. There have actually been several International Marblers' Gatherings in the past decade, mostly in the U.S., though one was held in the summer of 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey, where it all started and where it never really died out -- a few wonderful marblers still work there using the ancient handed-down formulas.

Marbling Today

Marbling is a fun art; there is such an infinite variety of patterns and color combinations that it never gets boring. And it's a fairly cheap art form too; the necessary supplies aren't nearly as expensive or as extensive as those needed for many other arts. It can be done in a garage or a small art studio or work room, or even (on a small scale) in a kitchen.

Actually, very few of the traditional paper marbling patterns even look much like marble at all. Some of the simplest patterns can look quite marble-like if the colors used aren't too weird, but really the majorities make no pretence at resembling slabs of rock -- so the name "marbling" is somewhat a misnomer.


Monday, April 1, 2013


April Guest Artist 
 Owen Sound Artist Co-op
Bev's Lighthouse series incorporate her love of watercolours with a batik technique.

She has applied it to both watercolour paper and rice paper.
 Lighthouses 'near and far' demonstrates this new technique!

Hope that you will stop by the Owen Sound Artist Co-op!



Sunday, March 10, 2013

Congratulations to the winner of this Painting!

"Kathleen Loughran" from Palmerston
Kathleen guessed that this was in the Elliot Lake Area. The actual location that this painting
painting was inspired was on Hwy 17 (about 58km from Elliot Lake) near Blind River.

Can you NAME the LOCATION of this Watercolour Pencil Painting??
If you LIKE and SHARE, enter your GUESS in the Comments.
The Winner who guesses the location will be announced Easter March 31st.
 (If there are multiple winners, then there will be random draw of names and the winner will be notified on facebook)
 Good Luck!