Sunday, April 3, 2011

With Every New Home, a New Painting Awaits!

260 4th Ave, Hanover, ON

This blog will reveal the growth of an Artist. With every new home and memories, the artist's growth is apparent in choices of colours and contrast.
Our home today provides a beautiful location for an Art Studio with a walk out basement providing great light for painting.
Jim and I began our marriage renting an old farm house in Chatham before buying our first home in Kitchener in 1980. Stratford was a great place to raise our children for 10 years before moving to Trowbridge, a small hamlet outside of Listowel.
I hope that you can come and visit my studio in Hanover.

565 21st Ave, Hanover

272 Victoria St, Trowbridge

135 Lightbourne Ave, Stratford

153 Lightbourne Ave, Stratford & 26 Kingswood Dr, Kitchener & RR2 Chatham

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  1. Just like a hit all the right notes. Glad to see you back painting. Painters Kitchener