Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reflection of 2016: Watercolour Workshops available on-line, USB and DVD's

2016 Reflections!

This past year, I counted 27 art workshops that I taught either at home, local libraries, Cambridge Art Center, London Artist group, and on the Azamara Cruise ship passing through the Panama Canal. On the encouragement from students on the cruise ship, I began teaching on-line workshop classes. From those video courses, DVDs and USB were created.

My husband and I vacationed for 3 weeks in the maritimes in July. Enjoyed the friendly hospitality and sea scapes. I even escaped a few times to paint! 

Peggy's Cove ~ Bev Morgan

 3 Video workshops suited
for the Absolute Beginner & Intermediate
Painter. Includes book with Instructional
Material and References. ($110 each)
Workshop DVD's are available for Beginners only

Workshops are Available Anytime & Anywhere
Click here for Bev's courses

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