Friday, April 21, 2017

"Paisley Bridge" painting by Bev Morgan
Accepted as one of the featured Artists for 2018 Art Map Calendar
The story behind the painting....
 On a Canoe trip down the Saugeen River a few years ago, I quickly photographed our landing at the Paisley Bridge. There were already two canoes landed and a few still paddling behind me.
This inspired my watercolour and batik painting which was done on rice paper.
When I was asked how this was created, my answer was not a simple one. Rice paper does not take watercolours too well, so I used around 12 layers of wax (alternating watercolours and melted wax) till it was covered. Then the painting was crumpled carefully, allowing the wax to fall off. Wherever the wax fell, then a dark wash was applied. All the wax is then taken off, and now I finish the painting with darker washes of paint. Lots of time and effort, but always happy with the results!!

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